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Fired Up & Ready to Go

Take in the smoky aroma as we cook the best-tasting meats over the fire.

Every crackle on the grill is an invitation to feast!

Believe it when we say every great-tasting barbecue comes heavenly smoked with a herb and aromatic grill-fired smell. 

Come eat with us at  Bulah’s Barb-B-Q in Denver, Colorado, and enjoy!

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fiery Flavor 

Our Mission

We're a restaurant offering homecooked-style Barb-b-qhappy times, an appetizing sauce, and an amazing backstory.
Best of all, we’re here to offer fresh food and a friendly service

 Where The East Meats The West In Rich Barbbq Flavors


Bulah’s Barb-B-Q BackStory

Rene Ricks-Stamps 

Rene Rick-Stamps,

Owner, Manager, and Executive Chef of:

 Bulah’s Barb-B-Q, 

" Where The East Meats The West  In Rich Barb-B-Q Flavors"

 Let her tell you a little bit of her history:

“My mother was a child historically remembered in the 1954 desegregation case known respectfully as Brown vs Board of Education.  (Bulah vs Gebhart).

Bulah's Barb-B-Q is a dedication to my Mother. 

 Shirley Barbara Bulah-Stamps was raised in Wilmington Delaware. 

 By Fred and Sarah Bulah who preceded her in death.  Mom passed away in 2003.  

Now my family and I Celebrate:

"Where The East Meats The West In Rich Barb-B-Q Flavors".  

Our family would ask as you eat and enjoy our food and our story that you remember your own family history.

We appreciate you and your business. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or just want to talk about our stories. Come on by, we all family and we all in this together.

Rene Ricks-Stamps.


“ You need to quit your day job Nay Nay I'm dead serious... I mean that with the utmost respect you really have a gift that God gave you. Gifts from God need to be shared I'm speechless and full... I even drank the cabbage juice wow! I don't know how spiritual you are but I am and I feel the spirit of my grandmothers on both sides through you they could burn like you can. Ty so much wow is all I can say

- Greg aka "Marvin"

“ Morning! I get off at 12:45 pm, and wanted to know the best way to order a rib dinner with Mac and cheese, potato salad, and peach cobbler and the best way to pick it up right around that time if possible? Can’t wait So Good!

Thank you, Andrea,

 Girl, bye! I am willing to go above and beyond for you with no expectations of anything in return

 I love ya

-  Andrea

“ Congratulations I just wish I had some of your barbecue ribs to eat right now… LOL so hungry for your ribs… LOL.”

You're So Awesome

Thank You for your Support

and All the Photograph Pictures

- Michael

“ Cherry cobbler pie is great thanks for making it for me”

Thank You, Fred

I appreciate your support

“ Thank you for the peach cobbler and the cherry cobbler it was great thank you..”

Anytime, It's My Pleasure

- Fred

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